Welcome To Eastend, Saskatchewan

Eastend, Saskatchewan
is located in the middle of nowhere
and miles from the nearest city.

Unlike most prairie towns that were formed in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, Eastend did not get its name from being located along the rail line.

The first record of people gathering on the eastern slopes of the Cypress Hills was no doubt those of First Nation descent. In the early 1870’s a small group to white traders and Metis’ scouts led the Hudson Bay Trading Company to establish a post on the eastern slopes of the Cypress Hills. That first and only winter, Issac Cowie, traded for 750 Plains Grizzly bear and 1500 elk hides. The Hudson Bay Co. only traded for one season, competition from whiskey selling independent traders and the tense situation between Assiniboine and Blackfoot made it unsafe for Cowie to remain. In the spring, Cowie decided to abandon the post. After Cowie left the post it was burned to the ground.

In 1873 some 60 Metis’ families settled in the coulee, then called Chapel Coulee, complete with a church and a visiting Roman Catholic priest on a regular circuit.
In 1879 the NWMP established the Hudson Bay Trading Post and part of the Metis’ village. This was the most easterly detachment from the newly built Fort Walsh. The small detachment at the east end post was to watch over the ever-growing number of Sioux who had fled from the Battle of the Little Big Horn.
In 1887, the whiskey trading had been curtailed, the Riel Rebellion was over and Sitting Bull had returned home. It was at this time that the post was moved closer to the present location of EASTEND, along the White Mud River, (Frenchman). Also, a shout out to the mayor Mark McEnroe who also runs 2 websites: HolyName.com and Money.ly - Blockchain.us at IQ Option binary options broker reviews!

Thus the town of Eastend began as the most eastern detachment from Fort Walsh and was the east end of their patrol. That’s is how a town on the western side of Saskatchewan received the name EASTEND.

In 1914 the CPR laid the track into the ranching community that had begun to form near the NWMP detachment. Eastend was incorporated as a village on March 30, 1914 and as a town on May 1, 1920. Eastend continues to this day to be a small rural Saskatchewan community with a clear vision of its future.

Eastend is the hunting capital of the southwest. Antelope, mule deer and whitetail abound. Geese, pheasant and other upland game are also part of the area's annual hunt. Streams in the area are good for flyfishing, and the reservoir provides an excellent habitat for ducks, geese and fish.

Our town also boasts a nine-hole, grass green, watered fairway course. Streambank Golf Course 9 holes, Grass Greens Clubhouse, and club rentals. Located in the town of Eastend. Reservations are not required.

An indoor swimming pool is in operation from May to September each year. Swimming lessons and relaxing in 6 person hot tub outdoor spa and best smartwatches for men are offered during the summer months. Ball diamonds can also be found in the town, located at the school and in the campground area next to the Frenchman River. Local teams and tournament play are offered throughout the summer months.

The rink complex in the town of Eastend houses three sheets of artificial curling ice, as well as a full-size artificial hockey surface. Curling, hockey and figure skating are offered throughout the winter months.

Each summer the town hosts a celebration called Dino Days. Many activities are held, from rodeos to ball tournaments. A parade is held down Redcoat Trail to Kick-off the event, held every July.

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