Welcome to the CYPRESS HOTEL in Eastend, Sask., Canada
Home of the new T-Rex Centre and located in the
Valley of Hidden Secrets on the Red Coat Trail.







If you are planning on staying overnite have a look at our rooms.  We were built in 1914, but we've gone modern now and think you will like what you see. We don't have any phones, but we planned it that way; we want you to relax and enjoy your visit to Eastend. We're looking forward to meeting you.

If you're hungry try
Located on the main floor of the hotel, it is famous for it's great soup and the ever popular
(100% pure beef, no additives)  just the way we like it out here.

While you are in town, come on
into the CYPRESS HOTEL and have a "cool one" and meet some of the friendly folks from our area. They are a good bunch of people and will tell you all about our area.  Have a look at our BRAND BOARD, it will
give you a list of all the ranchers in the area and how they mark their cattle for identification.

Your friends at the CYPRESS HOTEL,
Dianne and Brian VanSandt and Staff.

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Single $35.00 plus taxes
Double $38.00 plus taxes

Reservations by e-mail  We will confirm your room by e-mail.
Reservations by telephone please call (306) 295-3505


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Cypress Hotel
P.O. Box 487
Eastend, SK   S0N 0T0
Tel. (306) 295-3505
E-mail cypresshotel@



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